BTV Covid Vaccine Clinics Offer Hope for Better Days

Residents, Staff Receive Moderna Vaccine 

After a year of life-altering restrictions, missed friends and families — and way too much time feeling locked away — a series of vaccination clinics on the Butterfield campus has brought renewed hope to residents.  

CEO Quintin Trammell said approximately 98% of residents and around 70% of staff have received the Moderna vaccine administered by BTV pharmacy partner Collier Drug Store. BTV rolled out a two-phase vaccination program between December and February, prompting excitement and relief that was clearly evident from the many smiles and sounds of laughter as people anxiously waited in a safely distanced line to receive injections.   

“It has been such a tough year for our residents and staff who are accustomed to a very socially engaged community,” said Trammell. “We were so thankful to finally take this first huge step toward what we anticipate will eventually allow a return to more of the activities and amenities that bring retirees to Butterfield.” 

To address the needs of Butterfield’s most vulnerable individuals, residents and staff from the BTV Health Care Center (HCC) and Assisted Living Center (AL) were vaccinated under the first phase of the plan. A pharmacy team from Collier arrived the morning of Dec. 30, 2020 and went room-to-room administering the initial round of the vaccine, then returned to provide the second, final round on Jan. 27.  

Less than two weeks after the first phase began, the second phase of the program brought the vaccine to hundreds of independent living residents (those in apartments, cottages and Village Homes), and other staff on campus. The Collier team spent Jan. 11, 12 and 14 providing first doses in the large Performance Hall, then returned Feb. 8, 9 and 11 to give second injections.  

Patricia Poertner, senior director of BTV Resident Services, said there has been a collective sigh of relief among residents following the vaccinations.  

“I think the most important thing has been a feeling of hope that the situation will begin to improve – and that life will return to some semblance of normalcy,”

Poertner said. “It also gives residents a sense of protection and safety, not only for themselves but for their family and friends. Hopefully, being vaccinated will ease some of the fear and anxiety that many have been experiencing.” 

“Once the Moderna vaccine received emergency authorization through the FDA, we moved forward,” Director of Health Care Services Jay Green said. “It made sense for us to partner with Collier Drug Store, and they were eager to serve our entire campus.”  

“Collier Drug Store is a longtime provider of flu vaccinations at BTV and knows our residents well, he said. “There were a few sore arms, but for the most part there is a calm over us,” said Green.  

“We are very grateful that Collier was available to partner with us on something so important. It’s reassuring to know our residents are continuing to receive the highest quality of care and services, even during a pandemic,” he said. 

Like Green, Poertner had high praise for the pharmacy. 

“The employees at Collier Drug — as well as at other pharmacies in the community who are conducting these vaccination clinics — they deserve kudos,” Poertner said. “They’re working long hours to make sure everyone gets vaccinated as part of the process.”