BTV Foundation Wraps Up a Successful 2018

Campus Beautification, Cultural Enrichment Topped Agenda

The Butterfield Trail Village Foundation managed approximately $85,000 in donations and $107,500 in disbursements that supported several key projects across campus last year.

Thanks to the generosity of donors and the work of the Foundation Board of Directors, more than $192,000 went toward improvements, programming and initiatives that benefited Village residents in 2018.

Facilitating campus landscaping and beautification projects and providing cultural enrichment and entertainment to residents were key focuses of the Foundation last year.

About $40,000 donated to the Beautification Fund paid for greenery and landscaping in the South Courtyard, outside a portion of the South Wing East, and on the grounds of the Lodge. The Foundation was delighted to sponsor a Garden Party for residents to celebrate the completion of the South Courtyard project.

An additional phase of landscaping has also begun on the east side of the South Wing using 2018 donations, which have covered beautification expenses to date. However, additional support will be needed to resume and complete the remainder of these projects in 2019.

Approximately $12,000 donated to the Music and Performance Fund brought concerts, lectures, dinners, memorials and other special events to the BTV Performance Hall. Concert performances included award-winning pianist and Steinway artist Alan Chow, guest musicians from the University of Arkansas, the Claudia Burson Trio and the Arkansas Winds Community.

More than $14,500 donated to the Health Care Fund went toward upgrades and enhancements at the Health Care Center, Special Care Center and Assisted Living Cottage. They included the purchase of a blanket warmer, a plate warmer, monitors, a chair lift and other specialized equipment.

Also, through the Health Care Fund, the Foundation in February hosted a dementia care conference led by Dr. Angela Norman, associate director for the Arkansas Aging Initiative. The conference, Dementia Care in Long Term Care and Assisted Living: A Model for Well Being, was geared toward providing residents, families and caregivers with tools, support and expertise. The conference further established Butterfield as a leading senior healthcare provider in the community.

The Foundation also:

Designated $1,000 from the Employee Care Fund, and $4,250 in Employee Scholarship funds so that BTV employees can receive nursing training and other continuing education.

Provided monies for the installation of new gates and electronic entrance systems to enhance security and regulate traffic on campus.

Managed $1,700 in donations and $6,000 in expenditures to and from the Birds and Wildlife, Library and Chapel Funds.

Last year’s Foundation donations were guided by improved BTV policies that clarify the gift giving process and expand opportunities to contribute.

The Foundation wishes to thank the many supporters who made these activities possible, and we graciously look forward to receiving your support and feedback in 2019.

Rick Meyer

BTV Foundation Board Member