Employee Spotlight: Kelly Syer

Meet BTV’s New Director of Marketing

NAME: Kelly Syer

POSITION: I serve as director of marketing.

HOW LONG AT BTV: I was pleased to join the staff in April 2020.

EDUCATION: I am a Rogers High School alumna and received my BA in journalism and political science from the University of Arkansas in 1990.

DESCRIBE WHAT YOU DO: I have the opportunity to support the great team responsible for bringing new neighbors to live at Butterfield, as well as engage future residents in our Carriage Club program so they become an active part of our community before officially moving to the Village.

WHAT’S THE BEST PART OF YOUR JOB? My favorite part of working at Butterfield is seeing firsthand all of the activities and amenities our residents get to enjoy – and then sharing stories about our programming and very caring, creative staff.

WHAT DO YOU TAKE SATISFACTION IN AT WORK? I thoroughly enjoy illustrating the wonderful environment and way of life at Butterfield through our different marketing tools, such as our digital and printed media.

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: I have worked in marketing, public relations, fundraising and community engagement for three decades, spending time at the University of Arkansas, Tyson Foods, Cox Communications, Crystal Bridges and the Downtown Springdale Alliance. I also have entrepreneurial experience as the founder of a digital marketing company.

FAMILY: I am an only child to parents Jay and Joyce Hale of Fayetteville. My husband Scott Syer works in training and development for Tyson Foods and I have one adult daughter, Haley Zega.

INTERESTS AND HOBBIES: I have an active social life and live to throw parties, concoct kitchen “masterpieces” and dabble in photography. I enjoy traveling near and far, always seeking new adventures!