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The residents of Butterfield Trail Village have an abundance of blessings for which to be grateful: a comfortable environment in which to live and dream, likeminded friends, a knowledgeable and caring staff, delicious and nourishing food and a wealth of activities and events that stimulate mind, body and spirit. Together, these various features contribute to a balanced and healthy lifestyle for which Butterfield is so well known. It provides an extraordinary standard of living that we all seek to experience in retirement. To be less than grateful for these benefits, many fashioned by those who would never live to reap the dividends of their investments, would be a disservice not only to those predecessors but also to future residents to come.

Demonstrating concern and consideration for the next generation, without the expectation of gain, is the finest way of honoring those who came before us and selflessly invested in our own futures. Commonly known as “paying it forward,” this concept is the gifting on behalf of future generations directly in proportion to our gratitude for similar endowing on our behalf.

Paying it forward is the most impactful and appropriate manner of ensuring the future of Butterfield Trail Village. It is a logical call to financial action; it encourages current residents to invest fiscally in the Butterfield tradition from which they personally benefit. This helps safeguard and provide the same quality retirement experience for those who come after us. By paying it forward, we honor our predecessors who invested in Butterfield on our behalf. They laid the groundwork for coming generations, and now it is time for us to continue the practice of investing in the future.

We have reason to have infinite gratitude to God for everything we have and everything we are, yet we cannot repay Him. We have gratitude for our past benefactors yet we cannot repay them. It is the same with past residents of Butterfield. We are grateful for the gifts given by those who lived before us, yet we cannot repay them. We can however preserve the Butterfield Trail Village community by paying it forward so it endures for years to come for those that come after us.

The Foundation Board encourages each resident and others to consider a pledge of financial support to Butterfield Trail Village. They are encouraged to follow in the footsteps of past residents who planted seeds for projects of which they would not live to see come to fruition. Ask yourself: what would my retirement be like today if those pioneers hadn’t invested in Butterfield’s future, my present and my future. Now it is my turn to give back and insure a healthy retirement future for myself and others. If residents and others don’t pay it forward, what will the Butterfield retirement experience be like for future generations?

Please demonstrate your thankfulness, appreciation and respect for those no longer with us by loving and caring for others; safeguarding this way of life is a very eloquent and appropriate ways to honor and validate the work of those past trailblazers. The work from which we directly benefit should be available for generations to come in perpetuity.


By making a financial gift to the Butterfield Trail Village Foundation you are helping to enhance the lives of current Butterfield residents as well as residents of tomorrow.

Founded in 1984, the Foundation exists to generate support for the Village and enhance the quality of life of our residents in a variety of ways. Through contributions from supporters like you, the Foundation helps sustain a number of important Village programs and services (outlined below); the Foundation also raises funds for a variety of capital projects, such as the Assisted Living Center and others.

Your gift will contribute to the sustainability of our programs. Without such contributions we would be unable to stay true to our mission and create the kind of community our residents deserve.

Gifts made to the Foundation will go to the area/fund you designate, or if unrestricted the gift will go to the area of greatest need. We appreciate your consideration.

The Foundation has several established funds:

• Beautification Fund

• Fitness Program Fund
Butterfield’s Fitness/Wellness Program has expanded dramatically over the past few years. Your gift will help provide state-of-the-art exercise equipment, daily exercise classes, balance and strength training as well as water aerobic classes to be offered with the opening of our new Aquatic and Fitness Center in early 2015.

• Gardens Fund
Butterfield residents love their gardens! Flower gardens, vegetable garden, fragrant roses and flowering dogwoods are all part of Butterfield life. Gifts will go directly to garden and courtyard beautification projects at Butterfield Trail Village.

• Health Care Center Fund
Our highly ranked health care center is one of the finest skilled nursing facilities in the area. Your gift will help enhance programs and services and continue to provide exceptional care for our residents.

• Music and Performance Fund
This fund provides residents and their families and guests with a variety of entertainment and enrichment opportunities through music, dance, performance art and theater.

• Library Fund
Your gift will help keep our library current with the latest new books of varied interests ranging from political memoirs to romance novels to action and adventure, including resident requests.

• Birds and Wildlife Fund
Our residents love the beauty of Butterfield’s 44-acre campus and enjoy nurturing the wildlife that is part of it. Your contribution to the Bird and Wildlife Fund will assist residents with birding and related activities to enhance the pleasures of the natural world.

• Employee Scholarship Program Fund
This popular program provides financial assistance to Butterfield employees who want to further their education and training.

• Employee Care Fund
An important program, the Employee Care Fund provides special assistance to employees in times of need.

• Chapel Fund
Butterfield residents have increasingly asked for a place on campus dedicated to spiritual reflection – a place to meditate, hold memorial services as well as a quiet place for reflection. A chapel will meet these needs and is part of Butterfield’s Master Plan.


Please complete and submit this online Pledge Form, after which you will receive a confirmation message from a Foundation representative with remittance options. Gifts made by cash, check or credit card are greatly appreciated. If you wish, you may also pledge a certain amount monthly or annually, having that amount billed to a credit card or transferred electronically from a specified bank account.


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The Foundation carefully honors instructions regarding any type of restriction placed on a gift and tracks all contributions to ensure they are spent appropriately. Honoring donors’ intentions is about practicing responsible stewardship and is an important principle of ethical fundraising.


QUESTIONS: Call (479) 695-8068

Contributions may also be made by check payable to the Butterfield Trail Village Foundation and mailed (along with accompanying contact information and fund designation) to: BTV Foundation, 1923 E. Joyce Blvd., Fayetteville, AR 72703.