Making Fitness Fun as We Welcome Summer Sun

Summer means fun in the sun, and Butterfield has two great new fitness programs in the works to get everyone moving without it even feeling like exercise.

Northwest Arkansas is known for its incredible trail network, even offering access to a beautiful section of the Razorback Greenway directly from the Village itself. Whether residents are seasoned bicyclists or want to try riding for the first time, BTV Fitness and Wellness Director Jennifer Neill is developing a program to put anyone who is interested on the perfect set of wheels.

The new Butterfield biking program will launch in the month of May, when the Village fitness team will help everyone discover what type of bike best matches their particular needs. Interested folks can meet up at the Lodge to try out a trike or recumbent bicycle – as well as journey with Jennifer to a local bike shop to test out a cruiser bike with great stability. For residents and Carriage Club members ready for added adventure, Butterfield will be headed to Bentonville to ride the paved trails where participants will even have the option to rent an electric bike.

Those who already own a bicycle may benefit from improving their technical abilities, so BTV will hold a day of skills improvement – complete with a fun biking obstacle course. And, riders can learn how to stay safe by attending a bike safety talk, an important step toward fully enjoying future group rides and area adventures. The entire month of May is sure to inspire people at all skill levels to take up the fun sport of biking, while simultaneously gaining cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle strength and flexibility, better joint mobility, decreased stress and anxiety levels, improved coordination, lower body fat and strengthened bones. 

Also in May and June, Butterfield will introduce residents to a lively game many people have never heard of: pickleball! This entertaining, easy-to-learn activity combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. Pickleball has evolved from its original handmade equipment and simple rules developed in 1965 by three Seattle-area dads with bored kids – into a very popular sport throughout the United States and Canada.

“Butterfield will not have a traditional court, but we have found the perfect spot to test out this fun activity on campus,” said Jennifer Neill. “We will create the court ourselves, and use regulation equipment for everyone to learn this social, friendly, fast-paced sport.” Even as players have a great time at any experience and fitness level, games offer the clear benefits of improved balance, coordination and agility.

For more information about biking, pickleball or any other wellness program at Butterfield, contact Jennifer at