A Balancing Act

Reducing Risk of Falling with ZIBRIO® Balance Screen

Falls are unfortunately common for seniors and they are no small matter. In fact, falling accounts for the majority of injuries to people over the age of 65. Risks can be environmental, such as low lighting, physical obstacles, uneven surfaces and improper footwear – or related to medications, muscle weakness, or even vision and hearing issues. Awareness of problematic factors, paired with intervention meant to support prevention, can significantly reduce risks.

Butterfield Director of Fitness and Wellness Jennifer Neill has made fall prevention a cornerstone of her classes and individual coaching. After learning about the ZIBRIO Stability Scale, a piece of professional equipment designed to measure physical balance and identify people at higher risk of falling, Neill knew BTV residents needed the technology. Many other fitness professionals also clearly saw the value of the equipment, evidenced by a demand that resulted in a nearly two-year wait to finally get Butterfield’s order fulfilled!

The ZIBRIO device resembles a bathroom scale and is extremely easy to use. In just 60 seconds, a person can stand still on the platform to measure and analyze their balance in real time, using a 1 – 10 scoring scale. As individuals measure periodically, the data helps determine if balance improvement is needed – and if intervention has led to improvement over time. Neill said, “Use of this new technology will be a key part of our important ongoing balance program, and we want to be sure our residents and Carriage Club members receive its benefits. Anyone is welcome to drop by the aquatic center gym between 1 and 2 p.m. on Wednesdays to get tested and learn effective tips for balance improvement.”