Alice Dawson: Marketing Specialist

An energetic and purposeful stride, paired with enthusiastic greetings by name and a warm smile for everyone in her path – that’s what is immediately noticeable about Alice Dawson. Part of the Butterfield team since October 2021, Alice was first hired to work for the human resources department, and then transitioned into an administrative coordinator position in the business office. When an opportunity materialized on the Butterfield marketing team to establish a brand-new marketing specialist role, Alice’s committed customer service focus, professionalism and obvious love of the Butterfield community made her the clear choice for a position responsible for creating a key positive first impression for BTV.

Alice has built a career focusing on the core values of work ethic, resilience and integrity – characteristics taught by her parents through lived example. Originally from a tiny farming community near Austin, Minn., Alice moved to Rogers in the seventh grade after her parents decided Northwest Arkansas would be a good place to retire. They stayed until her high school graduation, but opted to return to Minnesota. Alice remained behind to attend college at Arkansas Tech University, where she studied for two years until funds ran out.

Shifting gears to the necessity of working full time, Alice soon met and became great friends with Dave Dawson. For a few years, she attempted to get several of her single girlfriends to go out with this wonderfully kind man – until it finally became apparent she was the one who should be dating him. Engagement followed three years later, and the couple have been happily married for more than 30 years. They have one son, Max, a senior at Hendrix College.

Once married, Alice decided to complete her degree and enrolled at the University of Arkansas. Working 30 hours a week in retail, she attended school full-time to earn a bachelor of arts in communication with a minor in gender studies. Following graduation, Alice was hired by TransMontaigne, Inc. and later StaffMark Investment, LLC. In both cases, the companies moved their operations. Uninterested in relocation, she landed a new role as executive coordinator for ad agency ThompsonMurray, which was eventually purchased by Saatchi & Saatchi X.

As fast-paced and interesting as ad agency work was, Alice’s heart was pulling her back to the U of A – but this time as an employee. She accepted a position on the University’s advancement team, taking on a support role for donor and constituent relations that she absolutely loved. An eventual opportunity to become the executive assistant for then UA Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Sharon Gaber was too great to pass up, so Alice switched gears into the academic side of the University. Through Dr. Gaber, Alice learned a whole new level of work ethic, perseverance and sheer stamina that served as enormous inspiration. Eventually Dr. Gaber left the U of A, and Alice found herself being recruited back to Saatchi & Saatchi X, where she remained for several years until learning of an opening at Butterfield that could offer her a better work/life balance.

Alice’s days now on the BTV campus bring her happiness, and she revels in moments of talking with residents. “This generation deserves the highest amount of honor and respect,” she says. “I love walking the halls and common areas, visiting with our residents and making sure they know they are seen and appreciated. I like to think kindness is my ‘super power’ – my greatest strength. The humanity of Butterfield is so important, and I know I can add to that through the way I interact with people.”

In their free time, Alice and Dave enjoy volunteering for Central United Methodist Church in Fayetteville. Family is very important to them, and they work to maintain an active lifestyle. Alice appreciates music and art, and taps into her creative side through photography. When describing her bucket list, Alice says she has been especially inspired by an 85-mile hike of the famous Camino de Santiago trail that several residents undertook in 2023 – and how much the experience positively impacted them. She’s not yet had the chance to travel internationally, but she and Dave have their passports and are dreaming of future adventures together.