BTV Christmas Purse: A Gift to Butterfield Employees

The BTV Christmas Purse is a wonderful tradition that lets residents show their gratitude to Village employees for the excellent care and services they provide throughout the year.

Each year, Butterfield residents donate to the BTV Christmas Purse fund so every eligible BTV employee receives a holiday bonus. Whether it’s
to offset the cost of buying gifts, set aside for savings, or spent on something special for themselves, a bonus is greatly appreciated by employees each year.

Residents may contribute to the Christmas Purse fund from November 13 through December 13, 2023. Individual employee bonuses are determined by the total amount of contributions and the hours worked by each employee during the current year. To be eligible for the bonus, an employee must be on the payroll as of December 1, 2023. BTV Leadership staff are not eligible for the bonus.   

Contributions may be made in the donation box at the Reception Desk in the lobby.

For more information, contact Doug Prichard, vice president of the Residents’ Council, at

Please give generously to the Christmas Purse this year – and help reward our faithful employees who always stand by us!