Defenders of Democracy featuring Singing Men of Arkansas

Butterfield Trail Village Presents an All-American Event

Wednesday 6th | 7pm

What is the importance of democracy? When talking about the importance of democracy, it is important to define it accurately. Democracy is popular sovereignty – in Abraham Lincoln’s words, “Government of the people, by the people, for the people.” At its heart is choosing a government through regular, free, and fair elections. The importance of democracy has played a vital role in the story of world civilization, helping transform from power structures of monarchy, empire and conquest into popular rule, self-determination and peaceful co-existence proven during Operation Neptune, known as D-Day 80 years ago today.  Join us as we consider the history of our great nation built on Democracy, and why we have defended it for 247 years at home and abroad. A special patriotic tribute to America and its defenders will be performed by the inspiring Singing Men of Arkansas.

In the Performance Hall.