Employee Spotlight: Toni Morgan

NAME: Toni Morgan MSN, RN

POSITION: I am the Director of Nursing Services.

HOW LONG AT BTV: Just a little over one year now.

EDUCATION: I received my Master of Science in Nursing and my Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Arkansas. Go Hogs! I am a member of Sigma Theta Tau International, Honor Society of Nursing. I consider myself to be an avid learner and am currently working to acquire additional certifications in 2020.

DESCRIBE WHAT YOU DO: I do spend the majority of my time in the Health Care and Special Care Centers (HCC/SCC), however, as the Director of Nursing Services, my duties also include making sure that the overall BTV campus has a knowledgeable, robust and involved nursing presence.

WHAT’S THE BEST PART OF YOUR JOB? I absolutely love the interaction with residents, as well as their loved ones and companions. Making those connections with people campus-wide is what this job is all about. Getting to know the people we care for is invaluable and having that human interaction is so very important for all of us, there is really no substitute.

WHAT DO YOU TAKE PRIDE AT WORK? I take great pride in the team we are building! I want every resident on the BTV campus to feel confident knowing that we always strive to deliver outstanding care. We truly want the HCC/SCC to be a jewel in the BTV crown!

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Prior to coming to BTV, I worked for almost a decade in the Assisted Living Level II environment, and before that I worked in home health. Nursing has many paths, but I truly love long-term care and the people I serve.

HOMETOWN/BACKGROUND: Though I did live in Fayetteville when I was much younger (while my mother finished her nursing degree at the UA), I mainly grew up in the Los Angeles area and remained in Southern California until I moved to Fayetteville (for good this time) close to 20 years ago.

FAMILY: I have one teen-aged daughter, Isabella. She literally lights up my life every single day! I couldn’t be more thankful to have been blessed with her! I also have three older sisters and numerous nieces and nephews – all of whom still live on the West Coast. My mother (a retired nurse) was here with me in Arkansas until she passed in March 2019. She was a huge influence and great inspiration.

INTERESTS AND HOBBIES: Brunching with my daughter, traveling and learning about new cultures, meeting new people, cooking, watching British television and reading mystery novels (I love Agatha Christie!).