Employee Spotlight: Tricia Parette

Tricia Parette: A Kind Spirit and Friend to Many

The leadership term “quiet influence” describes the type of person who isn’t motivated to be the center of attention or who consistently pushes others to support their own point of view – but is instead one who is more of a listener than a talker. At Butterfield, one of these special influencers is Tricia Parette. Now the most tenured person in the BTV business office with more than eleven years of service as an accountant, she is an individual recognized for gently building others up and offering unwavering support for the good of the whole.

Tricia’s colleague, Security Supervisor Aaron Kent, perfectly summed up her impact on him when he recommended her for an article about admirable people on the Butterfield campus. “She has to be one of the kindest people I know.  I have been through a lot this past year and a half, and Tricia has been so considerate. She honestly cares about my wellbeing.  Not only is she a wonderful coworker, but I am honored that she is my friend.” 

Tricia began her career path at the tender age of 17, when she took a job at Southwestern Energy Company during her senior year at Fayetteville High School. She started out at the payment window for Arkansas Western Gas, and continued learning the industry while earning an accounting degree from the University of Arkansas. Eventually rising to a supervisory role, Tricia loved her job and her coworkers. Then, after a remarkable 27 happy years with the organization, she learned all corporate services would be moving to the headquarters in Houston, Texas. The company didn’t want to lose her from its accounting team, and tried wooing her to relocate. While tempting, it was not something she could do. “I stayed because of my family,” she said. “I was born in Fayetteville. My kids were born here. And, I just couldn’t leave my mom behind.”

Southwestern Energy’s loss led to Butterfield’s gain. When a friend mentioned a BTV accounting role was available, Tricia was very surprised at the extent of what she found on the campus during her interview process. “I had always driven past Butterfield, but just didn’t know how much was actually there,” she said. “When I walked in for the first time, I was immediately overwhelmed by how different the environment felt from the corporate setting I had been in my whole career. I realized I was literally coming into people’s home.” She was excited to take the job.

Butterfield residents soon recognized and regularly sought out Tricia’s quiet, positive nature. “People would stop by my office all the time to say hello or even sit down for a quick visit. They’d always ask about my daughter Megan and son Mason – and some, like the wonderful late Dick Chewning, would offer me really excellent life advice.” She said, “Many of our residents are like my adopted grandparents. It’s honestly one of the greatest perks of the job.” 

Butterfield CFO Kim Moore witnesses Tricia’s professional contributions every day. “She is a valued member of our Business Office team, supporting leadership staff with accurate and timely information. She is often behind the scenes here at BTV, but her dedicated efforts certainly impact our success.” Tricia’s personal philosophy has served her and those around her well: “Be helpful, whatever it is that someone needs. Be kind, and keep a positive attitude. When you come to work, leave the hard things you’re dealing with away from the office at the door.” 

Married to husband David for 35 years, the Parettes have found themselves with more free time now that their children are grown. A bit more comfortable finally investing in herself, she said “I started practicing yoga at the Arkansas Yoga and Therapy Center last July, and it’s making me feel so good. The classes have taken me way outside my comfort zone, but it has made a big impact on my body and spirit. My 83-year-old high school psychology teacher teaches the deep stretch class I take – what an incredible inspiration.” When considering her future dreams, she hopes to travel to Paris one day. The always-beautifully dressed Tricia explained, “I LOVE clothes. I want to shop in those incredible stores! And the Eiffel Tower – I’d like to ride to the top and look out over the gorgeous city at night.”