How do I know if my parent or family member is ready to transition to a retirement community?


Often, you’re in the best position to know when your parent is ready to transition to a retirement community. You may often see signs: Mom is maybe feeling lonely. Dad has become more forgetful. Meals are more of a problem, or home maintenance is becoming too much of a burden. Worry for your loved one’s safety and wellbeing has become top of mind.

These are some of the signs, and they usually become more pronounced over time. Eventually, single, isolated problems are multiplied, making living conditions more complex and worrisome.

Often what is needed is a direct, heart-to-heart talk to point out your concerns and discuss possible solutions. As with everything else you do, this is a conversation grounded in love and sensitivity and a genuine concern for your parent’s wellbeing.

You should know that this is a common scenario, one that every child with an aging parent faces at one time or another. You’re not alone, and the staff at Butterfield Trail Village is here to help you every step of the way.