Should my decision to move to Butterfield involve my family?


It goes without saying – moving from your present home to a retirement community is a big decision. In many ways, it’s a family decision that affects not only you, but also your loved ones. That’s why it’s important that your family members are fully on board and support the decision you make.

Talk it over with your family. Discuss candidly the primary reasons why you are considering a move (e.g. health concerns, trouble maintaining your house or yard and/or a desire for friends and companionship).

Your transition will be made easier by ensuring your family’s questions are answered, and they are well informed. Bring them on a tour of Butterfield Trail Village. Let them meet our staff members and other residents to hear first-hand how supportive everyone is and how satisfied current residents are.

Above all, remember that your children and other family members love and care about you. Your happiness and wellbeing are their utmost concerns. When they see you are confident about your future, they will be confident, too.