Foundation Board Member Q&A

Gaye Cypert

Q&A with BTV Foundation Board Resident Member Gaye Cypert

Q. Where did you grow up, and how long have you and your family been in Northwest Arkansas?
A. My family moved to Springdale in 1939, and I grew up there.

Q. Tell us about your profession.
A. I taught elementary school in Fayetteville and Springdale for a few years. Later, I spent more than 30 years in the travel business as a group travel specialist.

Q. What is your academic background?
A. I have a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from the University of Arkansas.

Q. Tell us about your family.
A. My husband Jimmy and I have been married 63 years and have two daughters and sons-in-laws, six grandchildren, two of whom are married and two great grandchildren.

Q. How/when were you elected to the Foundation Board, and how do you see yourself best contributing?
A. I have served since October 2015. As a Butterfield resident myself, I can bring concerns and ideas from the residents. I am especially interested in being an advocate for the Health Care Center and Special Care Center.

Q. What, in your opinion, sets Butterfield apart?
A. The range of care for seniors. It is a lovely community staffed by quality, caring people. My mother, who was also a resident, was happy here, so I knew that it would be right for us.

Q. What would you like to tell current and/or future residents about Butterfield?
A. BTV was started by five Fayetteville churches and remains a non-profit organization.  It is a full service, friendly and welcoming place to enjoy your years in retirement.

Q. What are your favorite hobbies or pastimes?
A. I love spending time with family, friends and Jimmy. We traveled extensively and enjoyed those experiences. I enjoyed years of volunteer service for church and non-profits, especially the Susan G. Komen Foundation.