Good Alignment: Not Just Posturing

A balanced body is a healthier body

Staying healthy as aging adults is largely based upon making educated, proactive choices about remaining physically active and eating right – but technology can also be enormously beneficial along an individual’s journey to feel great for a lifetime. One of these technologies, AlignSmart™, is a patented system that uses person’s body measurements to create personalized exercise routines through a program called Symmetry for Health. After measuring 21 different bony areas of the body, trained practitioners can submit someone’s unique data to AlignSmart software for analysis. The result is a customized set of corrective exercises that address posture improvement, pain relief and performance enhancement by restoring body symmetry, stability and mobility.

Butterfield Director of Wellness Jennifer Neill is always on the lookout for ways to help residents feel better through physical empowerment. In January 2024, residents will be able to stop in during a three-day event to have their personal AlignSmart measurements taken. Once they have completed that step, each individual will get help with downloading a Smartphone app or receive a paper copy of directions to show how to perform a five-stretch sequence designed just for them.

“I think this program will have a huge benefit,” said Neill. “I often hear residents complain about pain. This is one effective way to work on reducing pain while preventing wear and tear on the joints. It is simple to do – but to get results, people will need to do their five stretches several days a week. We are very excited to be implementing this program for residents, and we will be offering a similar program for staff, as well.”

In addition to doing the prescribed stretches regularly, participants will also need to know they are performing the exercises correctly. Once the AlignSmart program is launched, BTV fitness team member Kasha Thompson will be in the Butterfield Aquatic Center gym to offer both assistance and accountability. And, if someone misses the initial dates of measurement and analysis, Thompson will be available to help them complete the process so they can get started.

Benefits of AlignSmart technology:

  • Posture and alignment improvement, which can reduce muscular, joint and spinal stress and tension
  • Relief from discomfort and inflammation, especially for chronic conditions such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, arthritis and osteoporosis
  • Injury and degeneration prevention through increased stability, mobility and flexibility
  • Fall risk reduction by balance and coordination improvement
  • Increased range of motion through increased flexibility and a reduction in muscle tightness
  • Enhanced independence as a result of being able to perform everyday activities without difficulty