BTV Cares

Heath Care Staff: Work of the Heart

Skilled BTV Team Delivers Comfort and Care

Every great organization is special because of its people – and the passion they show for the mission behind the work. Butterfield is widely recognized as an independent living community, yet the availability of health services and long-term nursing care on campus is an enormous benefit to residents and their loved ones. A mission of providing compassionate care and comfort is central to the work of a whole team of employees.

Skills required to work with residents at the Health Care Center and Special Care Center are varied. Close to 100 nurses, certified nursing assistants, housekeepers, food service workers, administrators, social workers and therapists form the team responsible for dispensing everything from medication to laughter and affection.


To understand what motivates and rewards the people who dedicate themselves to this work, words of Butterfield employees say it all.

“We form strong bonds with our residents. We spend a lot of time with them and they become our family, and we theirs. We are able to give more individual attention because we are a smaller center, which helps us nurture the bonds we have with our residents.”
– Renee Bradford, LPN

“Years of working in foodservice eventually led me to the healthcare industry. I love working around food and the presentation of food, and enjoy seeing the satisfaction of patrons. It can be very fulfilling to provide a necessary resource. A very caring staff and beautiful campus make Butterfield special.”
– Janet Taylor, Pantry Cook

“I have worked other places where you feel no matter how hard you worked and how much love and care you have given, it is never enough. Here at Butterfield, you have the time to take care of the residents and don’t have to rush through the day.”
– Darcel Ferguson, Staffing Coordinator

“As a licensed social worker with over a decade of working with children and families living in adversity, I had the opportunity to completely switch gears and work in hospice care, which eventually paved a path to join BTV. Working with the geriatric population has been the most rewarding experience in my career. The residents have diverse backgrounds filled with wisdom. It is an honor to be in their presence, listen to their amazing stories, learn from their experiences, and offer support to them in times of need.”
– Cyndi Maddox, LTC Social Services

“There are moments when you know you just made someone else’s day better. Whether it’s a smile, a laugh, or a hug; making that person’s day better lets me go home and tell myself I made a difference today.”
– Jason Clayton, RN