Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Presents: In American Waters

Friday Jan. 14th  |  Depart 1pm

For over 200 years, artists have been inspired to capture the beauty, violence, poetry and transformative force of the sea in American life. Oceans play a key role in American society no matter where we live, and the sea continues to inspire painters to capture its mystery and power. In American Waters is a new exhibition in which marine painting is revealed to be so much more than ship portraits. Be transported across time and water on the wave of a diverse range of modern and historical artists, including Georgia O’Keeffe, Amy Sherald, Kay WalkingStick, Norman Rockwell, Hale Woodruff, Paul Cadmus, Thomas Hart Benton, Jacob Lawrence, Valerie Hegarty, Stuart Davis and many more. Discover the sea as an expansive way to reflect upon American culture and environment, learn how coastal and maritime symbols moved inland across the United States and consider what it means to be “in American waters.” Complimentary tickets are available.