Living Spaces: Linda Remy’s Apartment

Smart, Easy & Elegant

Linda Remy moved to her new apartment in May and quickly came to enjoy the comfort, ease and security it provides. Living on the ground floor, near covered parking, was a priority for Remy, as was a private patio and a central location near shopping and entertainment. With modern appliances, including a stackable washer and dryer, her home has the amenities she wants.


The spacious living room with plenty of natural light has an arrangement of comfortable furnishings.


Her bedroom doubles as a home office with an antique pull down desk for her computer.


A small antique chest is one of the pieces Linda and her late husband, Gene, bought together.


The placement of kitchen cabinetry was re-configured to create more open space.


A pair of Cloisonné vases from Hong Kong were a gift.


The bathroom has a breezy, nautical touch.


Facing east, her patio offers equal parts shade and sun.