Meet Tyler Masters

New HR Director Aims to Make Tangible Impact in New Role

“Be good to each other.” 

This simple phrase serves not only as the advice Butterfield’s new director of Human Resources Tyler Masters would offer anyone, it serves as one of his guiding principles. 

Masters started his role in June 2021, bringing a wealth of experience from a corporate background in hiring and recruitment, as well as training, compensation, employee engagement and policy management.

Originally from central Indiana, Masters moved with his family to Northwest Arkansas when his mother accepted an opportunity with Walmart. He has lived in the region for a total of 20 years, temporarily taking his leave to pursue a bachelor’s degree in history from Missouri Southern State University. His original plan was to turn his passion for modern American political history into a teaching career, but then he had a change of heart and decided to enter the field of human resources. “My undergraduate education has served me very well as an HR professional,” he said. “A study of history has helped hone my critical thinking, improve my research and writing skills, as well as provide me with an analytical eye – all of which I use daily in my current role.” 

Understanding the value of continuous learning, Masters is close to completing a Master of Science in Human Resources Management and Services from Southern New Hampshire University. 

Asked why he chose to leave corporate America and join the Butterfield staff, he was quick to say the deciding factor was recognizing BTV is a place he can make a real difference. “I no longer wanted to just exist as a small piece of a much bigger puzzle.

I wanted to find an environment where I could actually help create the puzzle. I wanted a role that offered me a more tangible impact.” 

Masters is motivated by three core values: communication, humor, and making a difference. He explained that these values serve as his litmus test for determining success, “If I achieve all three of my values during the course of my workday and in my personal life, I can go to sleep at night knowing I’m meeting my potential.” 

Believing it can be difficult at times in the human resources profession to see if you’re really making a positive difference, Masters says his goal is to nurture a true family of people in the workplace. 

“If we can work together to improve people’s lives during the 40 hours they spend on the job each week, they will love what they do and carry that positive message to others,” he said. “Butterfield is a place we can make certain that’s the standard.”