Ron Hanson Leads as Residents Council President

Active Council Serves as Voice of  Village Residents

Ron Hanson aims to build on some of the recent successes of Butterfield’s Residents Association Council in his role as president of the campus body that serves as the voice of Village residents.

His term as president of the Residents Association Council began in January. He previously served as vice president.

The Residents Council oversees BTV’s Residents Association, a large committee-based body that surveys residents on important issues like health care services, dining and maintenance on campus – and then conveys the information to administration.

The Residents Council is made up of 11 members, including Hanson as president, who’ve been elected to serve by their peers.

Hanson, who moved to BTV with his wife Polly in 2014, takes pride in the commitment to serve as council president.

“I was drawn to serve in order to continue the Council’s tradition of providing a direct conduit between Village residents and the BTV administration,” he said. “We have a process in place to communicate residents’ interests and concerns, and it’s a process that works well. Our Council officers meet every month with CEO Quintin Trammell, and the Council meets quarterly with the BTV Board of Directors.”

The Residents Association Council holds monthly resident forum meetings across the BTV campus, utilizing 35-40 volunteer committee members who help plan the meetings, then gather and relay info from residents to BTV administration. These resident forums are well attended and of great interest to Butterfield’s 400+ residents.

Last year, as vice president, Hanson saw a number of successes, including the passing of a Resident Bill of Rights, dining service improvements and the formation of a residents horticulture/grounds committee. He is especially proud of the council’s annual BTV Christmas Purse program that funds holiday bonuses for eligible Butterfield employees.

“This is a voluntary donation by residents for employees at Christmas, and it really exemplifies how much our population cares for staff and employees here like they are family,” he said.

Hanson has set a number of goals for 2020 at the helm of the council. They include more revisions to the Resident Bill of Rights, continued improvements to the grounds, and increasing health care options for residents through University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) Northwest. He invites residents to attend the monthly forums, or to watch them on the BTV in-house TV channel 1961.

For more information about the Residents Association Council, contact Hanson at