Psssst!! The Secret to Aging Better… Is No Secret at All

The science is clear and the studies don’t lie: one of the most important ways to drastically improve health is to add more movement to your day. In fact, moving more today than yesterday can have a dramatic impact on both your mood and your physical well-being. Butterfield Fitness and Wellness Director Jennifer Neill says, “Just think – walking for a mere ten minutes after a meal can actually lower blood sugar by 12%. What’s more, exercise can improve your brain health, helping you to think, learn and problem-solve better.” Jennifer’s checklist of clear benefits gets longer, “Exercise boosts the immune system so you will get sick less often. Working out helps you sleep better – and when you include some resistance training, you can also drastically reduce your risk of falling. Exercise is the one thing that will help improve all aspects of health.” 

The notion that a person can become too old or out of shape to start moving more, is antiquated. Those who start exercising at any age or condition will begin to see and feel benefits almost immediately. Butterfield residents and Carriage Club members who regularly take part in fitness activities have plenty to say about how exercise has helped them, both body and mind:

“Exercise is a lifeforce! It wakes me up easily and focus becomes the incentive to have a beautiful day, appreciating the small things otherwise overlooked. Exercise is the ever-so-needed fuel for mind and body.”
-Ingrid Polonius

“The early morning classes help me get started on the next phase of my day.”
-Don Hunnicutt

“The classes help me learn ways to improve my posture and breathe better. Exercising with others holds me accountable.”

“Exercise has helped me stay limber and positive. It helps a lot with balance.”

“Exercise helps your breathing – learning to breathe deep rather than shallow. If you have arthritis in your feet, exercise helps with balance, strengthens your muscles and helps eliminate pain. Exercise just makes you feel better all over.”
-Judy Doyle

“Exercise makes me happier! It makes me relaxed and being stronger helps me get things done. Try it, you’ll smile more.”
-S. Raintree

“Exercise improves my attitude!”
-Tom Townsend

“Exercise is the most engaging thing I do, and I look forward to it!”

“The exercise classes at BTV have given me more energy and more confidence that I can get strong again, maintain balance and learn to keep in shape. Exercise is crucial to my good health. Movement is essential.”
-Nancy Garner

“I’ve done water aerobics since I was 32. I am now 86.”

“Exercise, both resistance and riding, has helped me feel so much better. The key is being regular.”
-David Renfro

“Fitness class makes my day. It lifts my spirits.”
-Betty H

“Exercise classes at BTV are a good way to meet people. We have only been here a few months and everyone is very friendly in the classes. Exercise encourages me to drink more water, and it is important to just keep moving as we get older.”
-Lola Mae Shackelford 

“I especially enjoy water aerobics because I love the water and we can do strenuous exercises for the legs without damaging the knees and ankles. The balance class is great for me because my balance is terrible and getting worse; the class helps slow my loss of balance.”
-Roy Penny

If these testimonials are inspiring but you are having a hard time finding the motivation to get started, contact the Butterfield Wellness Department at (479) 695-8035 for friendly, no-judgment solutions.