Why Exercise?

We asked 14 Village residents how fitness is improving their daily lives.

Whether you like what you see in the mirror, or you’re motivated by the long-term health benefits, there’s no debating the value of exercise. It helps control weight, regulates blood sugar, supports a healthy heart and mind, and makes you feel great! Here, Village residents share how exercise does their body and mind good.

“I feel my whole body is stronger.”
– Doris Marks

“I had rotator cuff surgery and with physical therapy and exercise class I am back to normal.”
– Beverly George

“Exercise gives me the incentive to do better with handling problems that arise in life.”
– Joe Selzer

“Taking part in (fitness) classes helps me physically and mentally. The comradery is good for the soul.”
– Grace Donahoe

“Helps me keep trim, makes me feel good and gives me energy.”
– Bobby Marks

Nancy Gardner rides on campus

“Gives me a chance to move my body more and have fun social interactions.”
– Mitsy Kellum

“I enjoy outdoor activities, such as backpacking, hiking, kayaking, and riding my bicycle. I think it is extremely important to keep the muscles flexible and strong. Also, I keep my weight under control.”
– Nancy Garner

“Exercise is helping my confidence and improving my balance!”
– Judy Ingels

Mal Krim during a workout

“It is making me feel better. No more aches and pains.”
– Mal Krim

“My body revolts when I do not exercise. It is essential for my wellbeing.”
– Jim Hunt

“It energizes me.”
– Louise Painter

Earlene Henry at the Aquatic Center

“Clears the cobwebs from my brain – I feel better.”
– Earlene Henry

“Tightens my abs.”
– Bill Morris

“I love working with my personal trainer who has individualized my program, improved my strength and flexibility and always manages to lift my spirits.”
– Sandy White